China FMG’s Protest


China FMG’s Protest


Almost 300 Indian medicos pursuing education in Chinese University staged a protest at Delhi’s Jantar Mantar Road on Sunday demanding alternative arrangement for practical classes. 

The future doctors have been attending medical classes online since January 2020 and they have approached the authorities to accommodate them in Indian medical institutes to complete their practical training or to send them to China.

Under the banner of Indian students in China ISIC and Foreign Medical Graduates Parent’s Association FMGPA and the medicos staged a protest using the slogan “Chalo Delhi” to organise a pan India must gathering from 10 AM to 4 PM at Jantar Mantar. 

The medicos pointed out that the Supreme Court has directed the national medical commission NMC to initiate a scheme that can allow the student to undergo clinical training in India at local medical colleges within two months. Medicos and their parents from Manipur, Tamil Nadu,Karnataka,Tripura, Kerala, Andhra Pradesh, Jammu,Rajasthan, Uttar Pradesh, Uttarakhand and Gujarat participated in the protest. 

According to the fifth year student of a medical College in China the medicos has appealed to national medical Council to take note of their problems. He told the new Indian express, the Supreme Court has given two months time to NMC and now they have one month left to take a call on foreign medical graduate from across all the countries to accommodate students for clinical practice alone in India till that time they are allowed to go back to China. 

Another medico who studies in China has already missed 2.5 year of practicals. He told that we have not attended even one surgery or pathology classes and missed almost 2.5 year of practicals. Our clinical starts in the third year and we have already missed it. The fees at his universities per annum is Rs.4,00,00 per annum. 

Meanwhile,FMGPA has approached  the health ministry and submitted a representation. According to medicos they had a very fruitful discussion and authorities are framing a GOI and soon the students will get solutions.

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