Fun Activities

Fun Activities

TSS organizes various intersection activities for students so that they may learn different things time to time and explore more about themselves and their hidden talents.

TSS organizes cultural events and festival celebration so that students feel like home with us.


We celebrate diwali organizing diwali night and talent hunt: dancing, drama, singing, fashion competition.

Best performances will be recommend for inter university competition.

Participants prized with participation certificates.


Holi celebration with special meals from TSS kitchen and colour distribution to students to enjoy the festival of colours.


Christmas celebration is done twice as per catholic and orthodox beliefs.

Poetry, story, debate competition within students discovering different views on topics untouched by many.

Evening dinner together with friends and TSS family by TSS Kitchen.


Eid celebration with eidi sitting together of all students in evening after a very exciting cooking competition served to guests showing our Indian hospitality culture.

Fun Activities
Fun Activities

Movie Nights

For all the film addicted people how we TSS team care for your dopamine too. We book cinema hall for special releases of Indian films time to time in Indian regional languages.

Summer Camps

Summer Camps after exams in the remote places and camping sites with exciting outdoor activities with native people, e.g. hiking, bon fire , tug of war, beach football, beach volleyball , stargazing , paint ball, card games: mafia, catch the liar etc.


New Year Celebration

Late family dinners, sparkling wine and fireworks at midnight are some of the traditional ways of celebrating New Year's Day in abroad. Student's festivities may include a decorated fir tree and a visit by the Russian equivalent of Santa Claus.

Night Party

Night party under the surveillance of TSS Team and the Special Café booked by us to give our students a taste cocktail of different culture with Bollywood Night and Pop culture.

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